Friday, June 19, 2009

Making Lists

Normally I'll spend 10 minutes in the morning making my 2 page to-do list of things I'd LIKE to accomplish throughout the day. This is a surefire recipe for depression, as I usually get to the end of the day and haven't finished half of them.

But today! Today is the day that I have managed to complete 85% of my tasks and it's only 2:00pm! (It's the little things that excite me.)

On the other hand.....
1. My son flunked 7th grade and they didn't notify me until it was too late to sign him up for summer school so now I'm going to be forced to "have it out" with the BOE.
2. Summer school costs a LOT more than I thought it would and I haven't had any sales in my jewelry shop on Etsy so I don't have a lot of extra cash.
3. Every day this week there have been no less than 11 children mulling around my house and consuming consumables that I can ill afford to replace. Not to mention the noise level and the mess.
4. Social Security administration sent me a letter because my name does not match the name my former employer has on file (who'd have thought I'd forget that crucial change when I got married - duh).
5. My 14 year old daughter is crazy as hell and is driving me there fast. Oh, the drama!

But I did finish a beautiful new purple lucite flower necklace that I almost want to keep instead of posting it for sale. How much jewelry is too much? My hubby thinks I've reached that amount, whatever it is.

My 3 year old son is currently pounding smarties and sweettarts at an alarming rate so I must cease typing and go take him outside before he consumes the entire candy stash.

Until tomorrow.....

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